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About HAR Flame

The HAR REALTOR® is unique within the Houston community. Our days are spent working among the individuals, families and neighborhoods of our community. We share their joys and their challenges and perhaps more than any other group we appreciate the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves and their families.

But hundreds of us take this perspective one step farther through our work with countless organizations and charities that seek to enhance the lives of our fellow Houstonians. This selflessness and this energy is what defines the HAR Flame.

These are unusual times in our nation and our community. This is a moment in time when all of us have an opportunity to make a difference through our charitable focus and activities. We believe it is important that our community know about your generosity so please share your volunteer hours. We know that others will be inspired by your example so please share your story.

It is a time when we can inspire ourselves, our fellow REALTORS® and our fellow citizens through sharing our examples of caring.

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Most Recent Volunteer Postings
I am a Gold Award Girl Mentor. We have 2 meetings a month. 1 in person  and 1 online totaling about 8 hrs and I mentor individual girls to their road/path with achieveing their highest rank of gold ward.
Food Pantry for the community that are in need of a food services.
I'm proud to be part of the Ticket Service Committe for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  I believe in giving back to our communities.  The HLSR gives back millions in college schalarships and creates such a family community based events.  I am honored to be a very small part in a very large organizaion.  
The Rodeo has over 30 thousand volunteers who help run the largest charity in the world helping children with education.  I serve on the International Committee and we entertain visitors from over 80 countries who come to buy and to learn each year.  
I was sworn in as a Child Advocate for Galveston County in October 2017. It has been an eye opening experience to see what families go through during a difficult time such as a child being removed from their home. They are always in need of good hearted individuals with a heart to serve and especially to help children. It has been more rewarding than I could ever have imagined.