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Key My HomeFinder Features:

Save Searches
Select and save your personal home search criteria.

Bookmark Listings
Bookmark your favorite listings for quick viewing and receive more information about the property directly from the participating listing firm and an email alert from MyHomeFinder if there are any status or price changes.

Receive E-mail Alerts
Receive an email alert once listings are posted to HAR.com that meet your search criteria.

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Remove listings that you are not interested in from your property search results.

Take it With You
My Home Finder works great on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, too.

My Home Finder

Additional My HomeFinder Features:

  • Extensive search options to filter listings
  • Easy-to-access toolbar throughout search process
  • Ability to edit your saved searches
  • Organize your bookmarked listings
  • Ability to save your map searches
  • Personalize your profile

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