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Organization Information
Rebuilding Together - Houston
Bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need.”
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Volunteer Postings
Independence Heights - "Kickoff to Rebuild"
Over 330 Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene agents descended upon the historic neighborhood of Independence Heights, the first African American Community Annexed in the City of Houston. We worked like bees on 6 homes which by the end of the day had been scraped, painted and rotten wood replaced. We cut and clipped and cleared and replaced landscaping. Landing Me with a 14 day nasty case of poison ivy...all in all worth every itching minute! 
Sponsored and hostess this amazing group again this year. 
Love spending time with these magical homes that are decorated for the Annual Christmas Home Tour each year. 
Volunteer Teacher - Vacation Bible School at First United Methodist Church Pearland 4 year old class


Houston Association of REALTORS Next Generation REALTOR Group (NRG) 3rd Annual Rebuilding Houston Service Project. NRG is comprised of young REALTORS under 40 years of age.


NRG - Totally awesome!!!  Saturday, April 17, 2010 volunteers began arriving at 7:30 am to do an EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER at the home of one of Houston's senior citizens!  Scraping paint, replacing rotten boards, caulking, painting, landscaping--WOW!!!  At 3:00 pm the finished product was gorgeous and the homeowner had tears running down her cheeks.  What a day for everyone...great camraderie, working together, helping others!  Realtors in Houston Rock!  Kudo's to Terri James for organizing and leading the great effort!


Volunteer home repair coordinator