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Organization Information
Dr. Faustman's Cure for Type 1 Diabetes
Dr. Faustman has been working to Cure Type 1 Diabetes. My daughter has been participating in this research for 3 years now, this is safe and this is real...NO JOKING AROUND!!
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Volunteer Postings
**Abigail diagnosed 12-16-2005, 6 years old, we have NEVER lost faith for the real CURE!!
**Dr. Faustman found it by accident.
**Abigail is now 13 years old!!
**My daughter Abigail & I (Amy) volunteer every year to donate serum samples.
**We parents know volunteering to help our children never ends, we love them too much to ever     
     stop................. until they are cured!!
**Because we participate she will be one of the first children in line to receive the partial cure.
**Don't lose your faith!!
**Call Dr. Faustman and go to Boston, MA!!
**We would move there if we could!!