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Organization Information
Community Emergency Response Team. This organization is under Dept. of Homeland Security and offers assistance in times of disaster.
Volunteer Postings
Houston's Community Emergency Response Team Program. Managed by FEMA, the CERT Program trains ordinary citizens in how to help themselves and their neighbors in the event of disasters. In addition, because of the training that CERT Volunteers undergo, they are often called upon to assist in organized disaster response as well. CERT training is provided free-of-charge. The Houston CERT Program is a part of the Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.
CERT Rodeo for 2012 documentation review of forms teleconference
CO Chair of CERT Rodeo, annual training exercise in basic disaster response skills, like
fire  suppression,  urban  search  and  rescue, and medical operations. It helps them take a
more active role in emergency preparedness. Tanstar meeting.  
Meeting preparation of team subcommittee
Preparation 2012 CERT rodeo co chairs
2011 annual cert rodeo Incident commander
pre event set up 2011 CERT rodeo
Committee meeting preparation CERT Rodeo 2011