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Organization Information
Houston SPCA
Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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Volunteer Postings
Fed baby birds.
"Dog Day" at the Astros game.  We passed out bags which contained dog food, a collapsible bowl, and other goodies.  The purpose was to promote the SPCA's ongoing efforts to help with Hurricane Harvey.
Volunteered at the Houston SPCA table at a "disaster preparedness" event at Ben Taub Hospital.  I passed out information on how to be prepared for your pet, if a disaster, such as a hurricane were to happen.  I also answered questions about various topic relating to the SPCA.   After the event, I packed up the supplies and returned them to the Houston SPCA.
Mobile adoption - Precinct 1 at El Franco Lee Park
Went to HSPCA first, to help load dogs into the bus to take to adoption (they had already been loaded.)
Mobile adoption at Henderson Heights.
Corporate volunteer program. Helped MBA student from UT in the large dog area. Gave instructions on how to open cages, leash the dogs, filling in info on the board, and walked several dogs.
Community Outreach event - Pet Fair at the Pasadena Convention Center
Speak with attendees and pass out information about the HSPCA, including pet safety and Critter Camp
Community Outreach - Pet fair at Pasadena Convention Center
Pass out information and speak with attendees about the HSPCA
Birthday Party.  Helped with games, craft, and clean up.
Neiman Marcus annual SPCA animal adoption. I helped with animals during event, including socializing them; and helped answer questions regarding adoption. I cleaned cages and loaded the van at the end of the shift. (Time included driving to and from the Galleria).
Helped lead a birthday party at the SPCA. This includes preparing for the party craft, helping the parent set up for the party, explaining to the children the services we provide for the animals, answering questions the children have, taking the children on a tour of the facility, and cleaning up at the end of the party.
Lesson and tour of SPCA to group of scouts.
Walked large dogs, and assisted with pictures.
Gave tour to group of Brownies. Worked in cattery for a few minutes changing litter boxes.