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About HAR Flame

The HAR REALTOR® is unique within the Houston community. Our days are spent working among the individuals, families and neighborhoods of our community. We share their joys and their challenges and perhaps more than any other group we appreciate the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves and their families.

But hundreds of us take this perspective one step farther through our work with countless organizations and charities that seek to enhance the lives of our fellow Houstonians. This selflessness and this energy is what defines the HAR Flame.

These are unusual times in our nation and our community. This is a moment in time when all of us have an opportunity to make a difference through our charitable focus and activities. We believe it is important that our community know about your generosity so please share your volunteer hours. We know that others will be inspired by your example so please share your story.

It is a time when we can inspire ourselves, our fellow REALTORS® and our fellow citizens through sharing our examples of caring.

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Art reach Kety is an Art Group that brings art to the populations whether through crating the art or through art lectures and classes. HOUSTON HOME AND RENT donates / reserves in coming artists through the Artreach Program to go to Assisted Livings to present visiting artist programs whether through music or hand art. Attendees can experience everything from bamboo reed cultural art, steel drum, aftrican dance, plate auction painting for a cause and so on. Bringing the ability to express oneself and in return have their work give back to the community provides Seniors and Veterans with a significant ability to bring about a mental and emotional shift in their own thinking by not focusing on the aging process but instead seeing the power their time possesses by giving back to others
Living Legacy is a Foundation we began to address several issues we observed in the Veteran Community.  1. Delay in serrvices Provided. In Houston Texas and most of the state of Texas the average wait time for a veterans to recieve medical procedural benfit such as (Aid and Attendance) can be as much as 300 days. When a senior veteran applies they typically have 3-5 activities of daily Living that they need asistance with. (shower, medicne distribution, meals, cleaning, regular clincal observation). By the time they were able to receive the benefits the number of Activities of Daily Living grew, because conditions worsened and the veteran's own quality of life was greatly increasing poorerr health values. 2. 67% of homeless men on the streets of Houston are veterans. The primary issue is that they do not have an ability to get into shelters due to overcrowding, Many suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, PTSD, mental or cognitive issues or lack of ability to gain the resources needed to survive.  Most importantly thsoe that qualify for benefits cannot receive them because they do not have an address to receive the benefits.  3. PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects veterans in many various symptomatic ways. The others that are affected are the spouse and the children. Harris County has few and linited resources to assist this demographic. the couple of PTSD based living communities tend to be at 100% occupied and the result is an emotional, financial, physical and systematic breaksdown of the family. For a soldier conditioned to protect and defend, being the source of your families plight can furtherr create mental disorders including anxiety, depression and more. Eventually the Spouse will leave their job to care for their afflicted spouse (because leaving them home alone is not safe), and children of these soldiers have a higher drop out rate from school so they can help care for their family member.  Living Legacy is designed to : 1. Bridge the gap needed to get the services to the veteran through Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Social Services and other resource supplication and pro bono work to assist the veteran and their family get to a healthy place in their journey. 2. We provide addresses to the veteran population at no charge so they may collect their benefits and take advantage of the medical, financial, edication, social and therpauetic benefits that are offered. 3. Create living communities that address the veterans PTSD, while the family works, goes to school. 
Help with food drive and deliveries 
Lighthouse Charity events and fundraisers.
Elijah Rising's Mission is to end sex trafficking through awareness, prayer, interventions and restorative care for victims of human sex trafficking.  I am the founder and site leader for League City Intervention.  We work in  South Houston and Galveston County.  Each month we coordinate the events, manage volunteers, teach leadership skills for ministry, lead prayer, praise and worship services.  We go out into our community to bring practical applications, prayer, education to local businesses and exit stategies to the exploited.   During Covid-19 pandemic response, we continue to pray over the exploited and stay abreast of how trafficking has changed in the current environment.