I wanted to take a minute to let you know that all the work you do on the HAR/Tempo websites is fantastic and so appreciated! It makes the “job” of being a Realtor here in Houston just terrific!

I was an IT professional for 10 years (Microsoft Windows Server & Exchange Administrator through ver. 2005/2003) prior to becoming a Realtor, so I am VERY FAMILIAR of the kind of work you are doing in the “background” to tie all the data together and present it to the Realtor community. And the seamless & multiple ways in which you make that data available cannot be praised enough! I’m sure most Realtors simply take this for granted and don’t have ANY IDEA how complicated it is to create such a wonderful website, but since I DO KNOW what it takes, I wanted to thank you and tell you that ALL OF YOU involved have done an unbelievable job! From one “IT guy” to all of you, please know that you are doing a fantastic job and you make my “new life” as a Realtor (since 2006) wonderful! Thank you so much!

Kevin McCawley
Elite Texas Properties

Just thought I would pass on to you guys and to anyone that worked on the new HAR UI that I think it looks great! Clean and simple. Easy to navigate. Congratulations! Here's to a great 2011!

Jeffrey S Burke
NuHabitat LLC

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“Great new site.”

Carol Nagel
Flags Real Estate

“Thank you to ALL the Har.com crew and staff that make our jobs MUCH easier with top notch technology and innovative leadership!”

Kirt Primeaux
Treadstone Realty Group

“I love the new site. Thanks HAR”

Tilda Young
Century 21 Ballard & Associates

“Love the new site. Hope tempo comes of age as well.”

Nina Marino
Keller Williams Realty - The Woodlands

“Like it so much!”

Ben Huynh
Champions Real Estate Group

“Once again HAR takes the lead in supporting the REALTOR community! This is an excellent upgrade to our ongoing already stellar HAR technology platforms that support our HAR Members.”

Bill Gottfried
Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan